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Author Howard Pines

Howard Pines’ 50 years of hands-on experience in the business world as a Human Resources executive, a consultant and a business owner has enabled him to develop a keen awareness and a pragmatic approach to what is required to make the various functions within an organization work together effectively, efficiently and profitably.

At BeamPines, which he co-founded in 1981 with Dr. Jerome Beam, he led the coaching and consulting practice, where both the company and its clients relied on his ability to coach senior executives.  In addition, a number of successful entrepreneurs utilized the business consulting services to locate, purchase and operate their ventures.  He also co-founded the BeamPines/Middlesex University Master’s Program in Executive Coaching.

Before founding BeamPines, he was Corporate Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Standard Brands, Inc., a Fortune 200 company, where he held worldwide responsibility for all human resources functions.

Howard holds a Law degree from Seton Hall University.  Over the years he has served on several Boards within consumer products and financial services industries.  Presently, he and his wife, Judith, live on Amelia Island in Florida.  While he still takes on an occasional consulting assignment, he now spends most of his time playing golf and writing a bi-weekly column, “Coach’s Corner” for the Fernandina Beach News-Leader.